Alzamora INNOVO 2013 Awards
This year sees the inauguration of the first ever Alzamora INNOVO 2013 Awards.

At Alzamora Packaging we prioritise innovation and environmental responsibility. In recognition of the efforts of our clients, we have created the INNOVO awards, for the best business ventures in terms of both innovation and environmental sustainability.

What are the Alzamora Innovo Awards? These awards are international prizes awarded by Alzamora Packaging to those clients whose packaging projects attain the best scores with respect to innovation and sustainability.

How does it work? Your project: Send use a newly-created packaging project or an assignment you are interested in improving. Our R+D Department will study your proposal in detail with a view to optimising performance and results.

Our commitment: We will provide you with a well-refined proposition with improved project concepts and sustainability, plus the guarantee of attaining your goals.

Our challenge: The more difficult it seems to you, the more interesting it will be for us. We improve by overcoming difficulties.

How do I participate? By sending your project via your Alzamora sales representative or by sending an e-mail to and we will get in touch.

Your participation in these awards would be most welcome.