A trajectory of constant improvement at the service of our clients
Pere Alzamora i Michel becomes the head of a printer's in Olot, the foundation stone in the construction of today's Alzamora Group.
Pere Alzamora begins manufacturing cardboard boxes.
The workshops of Alzamora take on a Miehle vertical automatic, one of the most advanced machines of its time.
Pere Alzamora i Michel dies, his son Pere Alzamora i Carbonell, at 19 years of age, becomes head of the printer's and the cardboard box manufacturing company.
Alzamora continues to establish itself, this time with a new factory in the centre of Olot.
The Alzamora Group makes a qualitative leap in printing and production systems on the purchase of its first Heidelberg offset printing machine.
Alzamora celebrates the 75th anniversary of its foundation and continues its strategy of innovation with its first computer, an IBM S-32.
Alzamora continues to grow, and acquires the firm Dalmau Carles Pla, S.A, a well-established firm specialised in the manufacture of toys and educational material.
The incorporation of a new printer, a Speedmaster with five colours and coating unit, once again places Alzamora at the technological forefront of the sector.
The vision of future of Pere Alzamora i Carbonell and the third generation of the family leads to the specialisation of various companies so as to respond better to the demands of an ever-more competitive market.
Gràfiques Alzamora, S.A opens new facilities, a modern building located in the city of Girona, with excellent communication links.
Alzamora enters the new millennium with the celebration of its centenary; a century of business has converted a workshop into a company of reference in the sector.
Alpack Plastic, S.L. is created, with a plant dedicated exclusively to the manufacture and handling of products made with plastic materials.
The new headquarters of the company Alzamora Packaging, S.A, are put into operation. Located in the town of Sant Joan les Fonts, this latest innovation means that the challenges of the 21st century can be met with total guarantees of quality and service.